Diary of a Burglar
How do Professional Burglars view your security preparedness, and what works to distract them from choosing your house?
Ever wonder what goes through the mind of a burglar? Well, hit the streets for some raw data. We got the chance to sit down with burglary professionals and…


Cellular Communicator
Security Alarm Communications Revolution
Phone Line, Cellular, Internet.  Which do you choose?
In the “good ole days” life was simple. Phone lines were the only choice for communication of alarm signals from your house to the monitoring & dispatch …

mPERS two-way voice Medical Alert
Push the button, get located, talk to a trained dispatcher, dispatch Ambulance, get help!

Connected to Care – Everywhere

The SentryPal is for the user on the go.  Coverage is nationwide.  Communicate directly through the two-way voice, w…

Lynx L5200 & L7000 – Honeywell Home Security Alarm System.
Honeywell’s newest alarms in the Lynx Family.
Honeywell has announced the soon to be released Lynx 5200 and Lynx 7000.  The newest upgrades to the widely acclaimed family of products, which includes the tried-and-true …

HPD Outsourcing Alarm Registration & Tracking Program.
Third Party Vendor to manage alarm permitting and fines.
HPD announced that it will soon be outsourcing its alarm registration and tracking program to the Public Safety Corporation (PCS).  PCS has developed a system, called CryWolf, an …

2G Sunset.
How will the 2G Sunset affect your Alarm System?
Technology marches forward.  Similar to the 2008 sunset of analog cellular coverage, the end of 2G cellular service is set for 2017.  What is this about, and will it affect my alarm system’s cellular communication for monitoring s…

Most Alarm Systems allow for Multiple User Codes.
Give each family member or worker their own alarm code.
Did you know that your alarm system probably has the ability to give different arm/disarm codes for each user?Yes, not only can you have a Master Code for the main person, but individual…